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    Regular sparkle

    Book a weekly, fortnightly or multi-day clean. Free weekends, here we come!

    One-off & spring super-cleans

    Similar to a regular clean, but way more powerful. These one-off super-cleans offer a helping hand when your week gets away from you.

    Moving Home or End-of-Lease

    Our moving out and end-of-lease professionals save you a whole lot of hard work by delivering a guaranteed expert clean. Consider it done.

    But… what about?

    Checkout our FAQs for all the A’s.

    What can I expect after booking a cleaning service?

    A sparkling clean home! A whole lot more free time. Blissfully enjoyable weekends. Should we keep going?

    Can I meet my cleaner before starting?

    Absolutely! It’s important to have a catch-up before beginning. After all, you might want minimal assistance with general cleaning, or need housekeeping, ironing, or other specialties. Our expert cleaners are prepared for every scenario, and we’re here to make sure you get the perfect fit for the job.

    How many hours will it take to clean my home?

    It all depends on a lot of things! Size of home; requirements for your clean; whether you want cleaning, housekeeping or ironing, or everything! We recommend calling our friendly team Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm AEST for a swift and easy estimation over the phone.

    Ph: 1800 123 123 Phone Number / Contact tbc

    What days can I have cleaning done?

    Any day that ends in ‘y’ (except yesterday, of course! Although sometimes that would be nice. Sigh.)