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Customise your clean

From daily housekeeping to a regular weekly or fortnightly service, or just a one-off deep-and-meaningful clean, we have a number of tried and trusted services available.

Meet your cleaning pro

Your opportunity to be open about what you do and don’t like, talk products and equipment, and work together to map your goals for your home. Trust us, a great cleaner is like a gift!

Your clean, your way

The best bit! Now you get to sit back and relax while your home is professionally cleaned, just the way you like it. Tah dah! One sparkling clean home, tick.

More time for what matters

Now that you’ve saved hours and hours of cleaning (and your marriage?), you’re free. So be you, spend time with friends and family in the comfort of a sweet-smelling, sparkling home. Try it once, you’ll never look back.

But… what about?

Check our FAQs for all the A’s.

Do I need to tidy up for the cleaner?

No, not even if you have teenagers. Okay, truthfully some people do prefer to tidy up first, and have their cleaner focus on the jobs they don’t have time to do. But most are happy to just leave it all to the professionals.

If you’re not sure, just have a chat with your cleaner. They can help you to outline your cleaning goals and the best way to achieve them together.

What about my pet?

That’s not a pet, that’s a valued member of the family! Yup, we want them to be as happy as you are when your (and their) cleaner visits.

So please make sure you introduce Felix, Fido or Mr Wibbles when your cleaner comes for their meet and greet and explain the proper procedures and house rules. Clarify if they’re an inside or outside family member, and what you’d prefer your cleaner to do to ensure they’re kept safe and happy during the clean.

Good communication ahead of time is key to comfort, good results and safety for all parties involved; including those with four legs and waggy-tails.

Do I need to be home? Or can I leave my cleaner a key?

It’s entirely up to you! Many of our clients prefer to give their cleaner a key for convenience after their first regular clean. Our background checks are deliberately thorough to give you complete peace of mind.

Do I need to provide cleaning equipment and products?

Most of our customers are particular about the fragrance (or lack of fragrance) or low environmental impact of their favourite cleaning products. So, we recommend that you select and provide your own cleaning equipment and products if you have a regular cleaning service. If you would prefer your cleaner to supply the cleaning products and equipment, we’re happy to arrange that for a small additional cost.

All of our one-off deep-and-meaningful cleans (end-of-lease cleans) come with cleaning products and equipment provided. Yes!